Saturday, September 24, 2011

Robbery in Jawatta Caught on Camera

This happened to one of my friends in the Colombo 5 area about a month ago at night.  Both of the side view mirror assemblies were stolen from his Axio by a gang that came in the three wheeler.  He heard a couple of lound noises.  When he peeped out of the window, he saw his car being swung back and forth.  When he screamed two guys ran from either side of the car with the removed side mirrors and got into a three wheeler parked further up the road.  There was a third person in the three wheeler who started it up and they drove off.

They were the new type of assemblies which also has the signal light as part of them.  It cost about 1.5 lacks to replace both of them including labor charges.  Fortunately for him, his insurance covered it.  But I am sure his rates will sky rocket next year.  Apparently the black market value for these is only about 5 thousand.  They can only be used to replace broken parts of side view mirror assemblies of other cars.  The entire unit cannot be used so most of it will be thrown away.

His incident came to my mind immediately when I saw this video on YouTube.  It was posted a couple of days ago.  It is also in Colombo 5 on Jawatta road.  The operation is so similar to what happened to my friend.  In less than 30 seconds, these guys vandalize two cars.  Just look how easily they do it.  They even have the technique mastered.  They first jump up and use the gravitational force when coming down to do the initial break.  They look so confident carrying out this operation.  It is quite eerie...

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