Sunday, September 18, 2011

Subway System in Sri Lanka

On my recent visit to Singapore, I couldn't resist thinking the wonders a subway system would do to Sri Lanka.  We spend so much time getting from A to B especially during traffic hours.  We also cannot predict easily how long a trip would take.

There are so many more people in Colombo or coming to Colombo for work today than ever before.  Expansion projects like the Thibirigasaya road widening is good.  But most roads in Sri Lanka are small.  I guess when the city was first laid out, there were only a few cars and the planners probably never envisioned how the future would be.  Regardless, more people with more cars has made it a hassle to travel around Colombo.

With all the post-war development going on, I think it would be great if we could implement a Subway system.  To start out with, it could link the main points in Colombo and the surrounding area.  Imagine how convenient it would be to get from Talawatugoda to Colombo each morning.  It would also save the environment by reducing the carbon dioxide emissions, etc.

As a stage two project, they could add a track from Moratuwa/Panadura into Colombo.  I just can't imagine how cool and useful such a system would be.  We would be more productive.  Spend less time traveling so we have more time to do other things - spend time with family, work on a new project, etc.  We would also be much happier.  Stop and go driving is tiring.  With all the crazy driving, especially by the 3 wheel drivers, most people are fuming behind the wheel.  We could get rid of all these unpleasant experiences...  As more people resolve to using the subway, the traffic on the road would also subside.


  1. Funny you should say this. I lived in Singapore for nearly 3 years and I can honestly say, I must have taken the bus may a maximum of 10-20 times. The rest of all my travelling was done in the MRT system. Now I live in Sydney and I know how much better the Singapore system is even compared to here.

    The thing is can we do an underground now ? Because all the infratructure is already sort of set in stone isnt it ?

    Thanks for dropping by the Hope to see you over regularly

  2. They would have to think it out to see what would be the best. I was in Bangalore recently. Their metro system (which is behind schedule in a major way) is above the road. We could something similar on certain routes. Others would have to be underground as you suggested. Either way, they should do it :)